6 Best Soccer Coaching Books: An Essential Resource for Aspiring Coaches

Soccer requires skill, strategy, and expert coaching to bring out its full potential in players. A selection of soccer coaching books can prove indispensable to budding coaches looking to enhance their leadership and knowledge.

This guide covers several of these great titles with tactical strategies for player development as well as others that provide insights for coaches of all levels!

List of the Best Soccer Coaching Books

Best Soccer Coaching Books
Best Soccer Coaching Books

1. “Inverting the Pyramids” by Jonathan Wilson

Inverting the Pyramid takes readers on an extensive journey into the history and development of soccer tactics and formations. Jonathan Wilson provides coaches with a deeper insight into their evolution as well as their impact on today’s game.

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2. “The Modern Soccer Coach: Position-Specific Traning” by Gary Curneen

Gary Curneen has written an invaluable practical guide for coaches looking to advance players at various positions, featuring drills and exercises tailored specifically for each position. A must-read for coaches looking to enhance training by developing individual skills as well as positions-specific strategies.

3. “Soccer IQ: Things Smart Players Do” by Dan Blank

Dan Blank’s “Soccer-IQ” should be required reading for all coaches and players of soccer alike. This book delves deep into the mental side of soccer, including decision-making, anticipation processes, and intelligence in action on the pitch. And how coaches can instill higher soccer IQ among their players for improved intuitive and strategic play styles – this book has everything!

4. “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle

Daniel Coyle explores factors affecting talent development to provide coaches with valuable insight into creating an optimal learning environment for players. This book serves as an indispensable source for coaching strategies.

5. “Coaching Soccer” by Bert Van Ligen & Dan Blank

The Dutch Soccer Association has approved this book as an aid for coaching soccer at different levels, drawing upon Dutch successful approaches to soccer as inspiration. Topics addressed in the text include coaching philosophy, player development, and training sessions – drawing directly on Dutch successful practices of the past decades.

6. “Soccer Tough” by Dan Abrahams

“Soccer Tough,” Dan Abrahams’ new book on mental aspects of soccer, explores psychological elements associated with soccer. Moreover, the book addresses the psychological facts associated with playing the sport.

5 Additional Soccer Coaching Books

  • “The Barcelona Way” by Damian Hughes

The Barcelona Way explores the strategies and philosophies that have propelled FC Barcelona into being one of the world’s premier clubs. Damian Hughes explores their approach to leadership, team dynamics, and talent development.

The coaching staff will gain knowledge on creating an atmosphere conducive to excellence while employing effective strategies to lead players and teams toward triumph.

  • “Quiet Leadership” by Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti shares in “Quiet Leadership” his insight and principles of leadership as an experienced football manager. Ancelotti emphasizes creating positive team cultures, building solid relationships with your players, and adapting to different coaching styles in this book.

His words offer a unique perspective on how soft skills in coaching can contribute long-term to long-term success.

  • “The Mixer” by Michael Cox

Michael Cox’s “The Mixer” provides a thorough examination of English football tactics. Cox explores its impact during key moments throughout history. Thus offering coaches insight into modern soccer’s innovative tactics, player roles, and strategies that have evolved through history.

  • “The Gold Mine Effect” by Rasmus Ankersen

Rasmus Ankersen’s book “The Gold Mine Effect” examines factors that contribute to success in talent hotbeds such as soccer. Ankersen explores conditions that foster extraordinary soccer players while advising coaches about identifying and cultivating talent within their teams.

  • “Legacy” by James Kerr

“Legacy”, a documentary on the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team, does not directly address soccer but provides valuable insight into their culture of success and provides coaches with principles for leadership, teamwork, and success that could provide essential tips in building winning teams and cultures.

James Kerr provides these principles along with insights for building effective soccer teams through this book titled Creating Winning Cultures by James Kerr which offers additional advice for building winning teams and a culture of victory.

Final Words

These books provide invaluable resources for soccer coaches looking to keep pace with the ever-evolving coaching landscape. From tactical tips to mental training techniques, the top books on coaching provide something of use to team and player development alike.

Begin collecting essential readings when beginning their coaching careers so you can refine both philosophy and coaching approaches accordingly.

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