15 Best Redwall Books of All Times

Brian Jacques’ Redwall Series has become an enduring literary classic that continues to delight generations of readers. Comprised of 15 books set within Mossflower Woods, these tales introduce readers to an epic world populated with brave mice, dour badgers, and cunning foxes alike – along with plenty of cunning tricksters!

Our selection includes 22 titles that highlight his outstanding storytelling in Redwall’s imaginative universe.

About the Writer of Redwall

Best Redwall Books
Brian Jacques

Brian Jacques’ masterful literary skill created the beloved Redwall Series. His magical world of anthropomorphic animals, incredible adventures, and timeless lessons was transported directly into readers’ imaginations through Redwall books written since 1994.

“Redwall”, first released to readers by Jacques in 1986, introduced readers to an engaging world populated with woodland animals who faced trials of friendship, courage, and honor. His distinctive writing style and captivating narratives of over 22 novels brought Redwall Abbey’s spirit of virtue triumphing against villainy to life for both children and adults alike – inspiring many generations!

Brian Jacques left an everlasting mark on literature with Redwall. Selling millions of books around the globe and having his works translated into multiple languages, Redwall continues his dedication to literacy and storytelling while engaging readers of all ages with timeless tales of courage, friendship, and triumph over evil.

Brian Jacques continues his impactful legacy reminding readers about its allure and potential power of imagination.

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List of the Best Redwall Books

1. “Redwall” (1986)

To kick-start your adventure with an unforgettable classic, “Redwall” introduces Redwall Abbey and its inhabitants, including Cluny the Scourge who poses an immediate danger. Matthias represents Redwall spirit through an epic tale of courage and friendship in “Redwall”.

2. “Mossflower” (1988)

“Mossflower,” an animated prequel to Redwall Abbey, explores its past through an engaging storyline featuring Martin the Warrior, his friends, and Mossflower Woods as its setting.

3. “Mattimeo” (1989)

In “Mattimeo”, family bonds are explored further as Matthias’ son Mattimeo joins Redwallers to escape Slagar. This emotionally charged sequel brilliantly weaves themes such as friendship, resilience, and community spirit into its narrative.

4. “Mariel and Redwall” (1991)

Mariel the mouse invites you on an amazing voyage at sea! Her story explores themes like determination and resilience while Mariel attempts to retrieve her father’s sword – creating new friendships while simultaneously broadening Redwall’s ever-expanding universe.

5. “Salamandastron” (1992)

An entertaining tale where brave hares, badgers, and otters face an endless vermin invasion by ascending Salamandastron mountain fortress in Redwall is known as Salamandastron and involves sacrifice and heroism from its protagonists; an adventure series that seals Redwall’s fate into an incredible warrior’s hands.

6. The Warrior (1993)

Discover the inspiring yet tragic origins of Martin the Warrior! His tragic yet hopeful tale explores justice, friendship, and legendary hero status – providing Redwall with its unforgettable spirit!

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7. “The Bellmaker,” 1994

“The Bellmaker” presents you with an exciting challenge for Redwall residents to overcome. A thrilling adventure unfolds when Joseph, the Bellmaker’s son embarks upon his perilous mission; along the way you witness bravery, family bonds that endure, and family connections which persist even through hardships.

8. Outcast of Redwall (1995)

Discover Veil’s journey as an orphan at Redwall who battles his identity and destiny amidst conflict in the woods. In “Outcast of Redwall”, Veil finds self-discovery and redemption within himself despite seemingly overwhelming odds.

9. Pearls of Lutra (1996)

Join Tansy Ottermaid on her hunt for the Pearls of Lutra in this captivating narrative set in Redwall Community! Follow Tansy as she embarks upon an intriguing mission. The plotline in this installment brings elements of mystery as well as friendship to life!

10. The Long Patrol (1997)

Come join the Long Patrol with Tammo the brave rabbit as she marches alongside you to protect Redwall from vermin invasions! Join in and show your solidarity as part of Redwall defenders against an army of vermin invaders!

11. “Marlfox” (1998)

Join us as we embark upon an extraordinary voyage as we journey towards Marlfox, following the theft of a tapestry from a museum which leads to deceit, as the Redwall Saga takes yet another turn with all-new characters who continue its story of deception and lies.

12. The Legend of Luke (1999)

“The Legend of Luke” brings back Martin the Warrior’s lost journals for you to discover to connect the past and present in Redwall history. Along this Redwall journey, you can examine themes like loss, legacy, and Martin’s lasting spirit while creating an essential link between generations of woodland heroes.

13. “Lord Brocktree” (2000)

Brocktree is an iconic Badger Lord as he leads an army of woodland animals on an exciting and courageous quest for Salamandastron. Lord Brocktree’s epic battles and daring deeds add another chapter of excitement and heroism to Redwall’s longstanding tale.

14. “Taggerung” (2001)

Explore themes of identity and fate as Redwall is intertwined with legends of Taggerung. Redwall’s world will come alive through stories about self-discovery and friendship – readers will love how complex its characters are in this tale!

15. “Triss” (2002)

Follow Triss on her journey toward freedom and revenge against Redwall. With its captivating narrative style, “Triss” explores themes such as justice, freedom, and Redwall’s resilient spirit.

Brian Jacques created an unforgettable world in Redwall that touches readers of all kinds; these fifteen books take readers into his fascinating world in ways both old and new alike. Each novel explores courage, friendship, and adventure – universal themes that resonate deeply with readers today.

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